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ADJ 12P Hex Creative Color Washes

Published Mar 8, 2015
ADJ 12P Hex
 ADJ 12P Hex

The release of the 12P Hex sees ADJ hold on to the unique lie-flat design and wide beam angle of the flexible 5P Hex, but enhance its color wash effects with an incredibly powerful LED light source powered by twelve separate 12-watt hex LEDs.

Building on the flexibility and power offered by the popular 5P Hex, ADJ has released the new 12P Hex an LED par fixture that is capable of similar spellbinding color washes and sleek up-lighting thanks to utilizing the same patent-pending lie-flat design. A professional fixture, the 12P utilizes twelve 12-watt hex LEDs to generate a powerful and far-reaching color wash effect.

An adaptable LED par solution that makes use of cutting-edge 6-in-1 hex-LEDs (RGBAW+UV) and a wide 30-degree beam angle, the 12P Hex allows users to immerse dance-floors, venues and crowds in brilliant, far-reaching washes of vibrant, smoothly mixed colored lighting, for a truly professional look. Lighting designers, churches, theatrical stages, venue owners, mobile entertainers and others can use these wide-spread color washes to transform their event, changing the atmosphere to suit the mood of the occasion. The subtle amber hues and sleek whites are ideal for weddings, while the luminous UV-enhanced blues and purples are perfect for energetic club nights.

ADJ has also ensured that stage productions and touring musicians can benefit from the far-reaching effects of the 12P Hex. Users can choose from a range of preset colors, thanks to the fixtures 63 built-in color macros; letting them tailor the light color to suit every performance and bring the stage to life by infusing the effects with UV. Users can make these UV color washes even more intense using the 12P Hexs LED pulse and strobe effects, adding to the products appeal for use in clubs, bars and on stage. In addition, the fixtures hex-LEDs emit less heat than traditional stage-lighting halogen effects, so performers remain cool and composed while on stage.

Thanks to ADJs intelligently-worked, patent-pending design, users can use the 12P Hex to do more than just wash dance-floors and stages. With its power and DMX in/out sockets fitted sideways, the fixture can be set flat on the ground or inside truss, giving users the option of up-lighting venue walls and décor, or using the light for effective truss-warming. Utilizing the fixture in this way can add variation to the users onstage setup and enhance the atmosphere inside any venue.

The 12P Hex gives users a choice of five modes: Static Color, Program, Sound Active, Dimmer, and DMX-Controlled. With seven built-in programs to choose from, even in the basic Sound Active and Program modes varying wash effects in a range of colors can be achieved. This is perfectly-suited to the needs of mobile DJs, touring musicians and stage performers that provide their own lighting; with the 12P Hex being quick to set up and capable of highly-effective color wash effects, infused by UV and enhanced by pulse and strobe. For greater in-depth command, DMX-Controlled mode offers users a choice of four channel modes: 6, 7, 8, and 12. This increased control gives creative-minded users the freedom to craft unique atmospheric color washes of pure lighting excitement for their audiences.

While this choice of operational modes makes the 12P Hex highly adaptable, its compatibility with the (separately sold) Dotz Par RF wireless remote control only adds to its versatility. Without the limitation of wires, users, such as mobile DJs and lighting designers, can control the units basic features from a convenient position, behind the booth or from the back of the room.

The 12P Hex is just as versatile in its positioning as it is in its control. The fixture is fitted with a dual yoke, enabling it to be hung or set on the ground at an angle (as well as laid totally flat due to its patent-pending lie-flat design). The 12P Hex also offers flicker-free operation, allowing DJs, stage performers or bands to film their performances without the light flickering on camera guaranteeing them a professional-quality finished product.

At ADJ were always pushing our products forward, and our new 12P Hex is no exception, said Alfred Gonzales, National Sales Manager for ADJ USA. Building on its predecessor, the 5P Hex, the 12P Hex utilizes a more powerful, 12 x 12-watt hex-LED source that generates immersive wash effects in an array of smoothly mixed, customizable colors, enhanced by UV. Furthermore, its wide beam angle and unique lie-flat design enable users to achieve far-reaching effects and offer true flexibility at an affordable price, making it the ideal par unit for all users, from mobile DJs to houses of worship.

Weighing just 9 lbs. (3.9kg), the 12P Hex is a lightweight fixture that packs a heck of a punch. Thanks to its low weight, mobile users can take multiple units on the road with them, while club or bar owners can mount many fixtures, incorporating them into their lightshow to achieve more widespread and intense wash effects. To minimize on cabling multiple fixtures can be power linked via IEC cables, allowing six units to run from a single 110V supply or 13 units to run at 240V.

For users in a line of work that demands the creation of distinct, customized colors; the absorbing effects of mesmeric, UV-flecked washes; and the freedom to position fixtures for maximum effect, the 12P Hex is the unrivaled Par solution. With UV being perfect for use in clubs catering to young audiences, and white and amber great for creating idyllic atmospheres for weddings and houses of worship, the hex-LED technology housed by the 12P Hex offers true diversity. In addition, by adding UV to the color mix, more eye popping colors may be created.

A gel holder kit is included with the 12P Hex. This allows users to insert color gels to further its color range. Or, add a diffusion filter to widen the wash projection.

ADJ is confident that this flexibility and power will gives users more scope for generating pure lighting excitement for their audiences. And, as far as par fixtures go, the 12P Hex is as versatile and bright as it gets without having to spend big bucks.

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