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Martin Mania EF-1 a

Published Oct 22, 2003

First in a new series of DJ effects from Martin Professional
Simply stated, Mania is cool. With both the looks and the moves to turn heads (not to mention the right price), Martin Professional's new Mania EF-1 is a pretty cool customer that's certain to generate a lot of heat on the dancefloor.

With its new Mania series of inexpensive DJ lights that will eventually include effect lights, color changers, strobe lights, deco effects, scanners, promotional lights, smoke machines and more, Martin Professional is brazenly going head to head with the established US and European makers of DJ lighting.

The first in the series, Mania EF-1, is a dynamic flower effect featuring 6 colored patterns - all very cool graphics - useful as revolving dance floor motifs, funky wall projections or flying mid-air effects. The effect can be either sound triggered, moving to the beat of the music, or automatic, performing its own program independent of sound.

They don't take breaks. So why should your lights?
But Mania is cool is another important aspect as well. Whereas most similarly priced

DJ effects need constant cool-off periods, which are a major nuisance to mobile DJs,
Mania's greatest virtue is its 'up-all-night' stamina, remaining operative hour after hour with no cool down breaks needed. While other lights fall foul to heat exhaustion, the Mania "cool" concept centers on Mania's ability to remain comfortably cool all night long. Simply put, Mania has no duty cycle, meaning you don't need to shut it down and wait for it to cool off before it's ready to go again.

Good looks
Mania may be inexpensive, but it certainly doesn't look it. With an attractive and innovative product design, eye-catching packaging, in-house display units, cool literature and more, Mania is poised to win over the hearts and minds of new and more established DJ's alike. Mania comes in a durable yet stylish symmetrical housing complete with hanging bracket that also serves as a carrying handle. Attractive to the eye, trendy graphics complete the cool look of the fixture.

High tech innovation and quality at an affordable price
The Mania series capitalizes on several of Martin's strengths. First, Martin Professional's considerable experience and first-rate reputation in the high tech, professional lighting market allows it to inject ground-breaking technology derived from the stage into a DJ package. Although Mania is a relatively simple back-to-basics DJ series, the company can provide something new and unexpected from its higher end professional gear such as Mania Liquid and Mania Fire animation effects, to be included on upcoming deco products. In other words, high tech has trickled down to DJ products. Mania users are buying into something much bigger than a simple DJ light.

Secondly, Martin has the ability to manufacture more cheaply while remaining loyal to the Martin ethos of providing innovation and quality, all at a very affordable price. In the Spring of 2003 Martin launched a major manufacturing initiative in China, opening a plant dedicated to its DJ segment. The new factory is 100% Martin owned and operated, and enables the company to continue to pursue its competitive pricing policy while maintaining the quality and precision of Martin engineering. Mania is price competitive while offering a better alternative.

Wherever people want to have fun
And this competitive pricing and simple design have put it within reach of the mass market. Mania has appeal to the young individualist, independent music lovers who crave innovation and uniqueness at a good price - DJs, musicians, partygoers, concertgoers, clubbers and more.

Mania is a true 'go anywhere' effect light designed for wherever people want to have fun - dancefloors, concerts, weddings, or just a home party. It is available through Martin's extensive distribution and dealer network, but you will also be able to find it in your local neighborhood music shop.

The Mania EF-1 is more than just the first in a new series of atmosphere enhancing effects, as the first in the new Mania series, it offers genuine professional quality and innovation to the DJ market... and all at an affordable price.

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