Dec 10, 2023

Chauvet CORONA

Published Jul 26, 2003

CORONA: Twins are more fun
Double the fun with this new, bright CHAUVET plug n' play fixture featuring dual light sources that hit two dichroic mirrors to produce vivid beams. Beat-activated Corona sports two barrels spinning independently of each other for a sizzling display of ever-changing, colored beams. The beams themselves rock back and forth, adding even more movement and pizzazz to the show. Projecting beams from the back of the machine to the mirrors and from the mirrors to the barrels achieve this unique effect. Units in this price range rarely pack that much action. Perfect for mobile DJs in need of full room coverage.
Lamps: 2 x EFR 15 V 150 W.
Power: 110 or 230 volts
Dimensions: 30.5 in x 22.9 in x 33 in
Shipping weight: 22 lbs.
MAP $199.99 for more information

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