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Published Jul 25, 2003

ULTIMATE HZ-1000: A performance that won't leave you hazy
The new CHAUVET hazer truly delivers. The 2-channel, 400-watt Ultimate hazer is a professional standout that can be DMX or non-DMX controlled. In either mode of operation, it will fill a room quickly and efficiently, delivering 1,500 cubic feet of thin, unobtrusive haze per minute. Its tank holds 1.6 quart of water-based fluid. In DMX, one channel regulates the outflow of haze while the other controls the fan that blows the haze out, for optimal command of speed and output. The sturdy case is designed with a unique adjustable flap to allow the user to direct the flow of haze (upward, downward, at a straight angle). HZ-100 comes with a free, non-DMX wired timer remote to control interval, duration and output. Power: 110 or 230 volts.
Shipping weight: 16.5 lbs
MAP $199.99
www.chauvetlighting.com for more information

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