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Published Aug 14, 2011
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Roland U.S. recently participated in the regional and national finals of the 2011 Karaoke World Championships (KWC). At KWC competitions held in major U.S. cities throughout the summer, Roland was there to support the events and promote its karaoke-related products, including the VIMA® JM-5 Entertainment Module and BA-330 Portable Amplifier system.

Hosted by Karaoke World Championships USA (KWCUSA), the U.S. regional competitions took place in Houston, Las Vegas, New York, and Chicago in June and July, culminating with the national finals in Hollywood on August 6 and 7. Held at House of Blues concert halls, the events were filmed for the Karaoke Battle U.S.A. reality series, which premieres nationally on ABC on Friday, August 12 (9pm/8c). The top karaoke singer will go on to represent the United States at the KWC international finals in Killarney, Ireland, in September 2011. Roland Europe is an official sponsor of the world championship event.

Roland product specialists were on hand during the two-day regional events, and contestants had the opportunity to practice their songs on the VIMA JM-5 before they went on stage to perform. Using a mic and headphones connected to the JM-5, the singers viewed song lyrics on the unit’s display and enjoyed high-quality audio with vocal effects. The JM-5’s simple interface and great sound was a huge hit with all the contestants, with lines forming as they waited to use the entertainment module to warm up before performing.

The VIMA JM-5 and JM-8 are portable, all-in-one devices dedicated to live vocal performance. Equipped with thousands of high quality sounds, video connectivity, and easy-to-use interfaces, they’re perfect for karaoke, amateur, and professional singers, both at home and at any live entertainment venue.

Roland’s BA-55 and BA-330 portable amplifiers are perfect compliments to the JM-5 and JM-8, providing high-quality sound reinforcement in compact and portable packages that run on AC or battery power. The BA-55 also includes an integrated wireless microphone system.

For specific dates and information on upcoming KWCUSA events and the KWC international finals, visit

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