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Published Jun 20, 2011

Roland U.S. is pleased to announce its involvement with the 2011 Karaoke World Championships (KWC). At regional KWC competitions in major United States cities throughout the summer, Roland will be on hand to support the events and promote its karaoke-related products, including the VIMA® JM-5, the professional choice for karaoke.

Headquartered in Finland, KWC is the largest and most prestigious karaoke organization in the world. Each year, they host an international championship event that features the winners of competitions hosted by KWC-licensed groups in over 25 countries around the world. This year’s finals will take place in Killarney, Ireland, from September 8 through 10, 2011. Roland Europe is an official sponsor of the international finals competition.

Karaoke World Championships USA (KWCUSA) will be holding regional competitions in Houston, Las Vegas, New York, and Chicago in June and July, with the U.S. finals event in Los Angeles in August. Except for New York, competitions will be held at House of Blues concert halls in the respective cities. In addition, the competitions will be taped for the upcoming Karaoke Battle U.S.A. show, which will be broadcast on national television on ABC. The winner in Los Angeles will go on to represent the United States at the KWC finals in Ireland.

Product specialists from Roland U.S. will be attending the United States competitions demonstrating the company’s lineup of karaoke-related products, including the VIMA JM-5 and JM-8 Entertainment Modules and the BA-series portable PA systems.

The VIMA JM-5 and JM-8 are portable, all-in-one devices dedicated to live vocal performance. Equipped with thousands of high quality sounds, video connectivity, and easy-to-use interfaces, the JM-5 and JM-8 are perfect for karaoke, amateur, and professional singers, both at home and at any live entertainment venue.

Roland’s BA-55 and BA-330 portable amplifiers are perfect compliments to the JM-5 and JM-8, providing high-quality sound reinforcement in compact and portable packages that run on AC or battery power. The BA-55 also includes an integrated wireless microphone system.

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