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Numark Introduces Cdn25+G Dual Cd Player For Karaoke

Published Jan 15, 2004
Numark Introduces Cdn25+G Dual Cd Player For Karaoke-Spotlight

The CDN25+G is a rack-mountable dual CD player with two composite RCA video outputs for CD+G karaoke lyric and graphic display. These outputs become active when playing a CD containing CD+G graphics data, which is commonly used to display karaoke lyrics. The CDN25+G connects to video mixers, monitors, TVs, or switches, and can output in NTSC or PAL format.

Numark CEO John E. "Jack" O’Donnell commented: “Professional DJs who want karaoke capabilities without lugging around extra equipment now have a great solution. The CDN25+G offers karaoke lyric display in a familiar dual-CD product that is straightforward, reliable, and affordable.”

Other features include an interactive pitch/search wheel with ±8/16% pitch control, rubber buttons, and auto cue. The CDN25+G also has an S/PDIF digital output, a sleep mode to save laser life, and is CDR compatible.

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