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Gemini Introduces The Cdx-02g Dual Deck Karaoke Cd Player

Published Oct 23, 2005

Gemini is proud to announce the CDX-02G Dual Deck Karaoke CD Player, a special product designed with the professional karaoke jockey in mind.


This full-featured CD player comes equipped with two composite RCA video outputs, allowing for the utilization of CD-G media for karaoke lyrics display. These outputs are compatible with video mixers, video monitors, and TVs. The CDX-02G also features a special switch on the back of the unit that will allow you to toggle between NTSC or PAL format.


“In the mobile DJ market, we recognize the strong demand for KJ friendly gear,” explained Louis Dorio, Gemini’s Product Specialist, “Karaoke jocks will find the CDX-02G not only affordable but also very viable for all their performance needs.”


The CDX-02G also delivers +/- 16% Variable Pitch Control, +10 track select, three time display modes, and dual jog mode capability in addition to the composite video outputs. With a list price of $469.95, the CDX-02G Dual Deck Karaoke CD Player will be available in late November 2005.

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