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Vestax Exhibits Next Generation Turntables

Published Jul 22, 2004

Vestax is displaying the next generation of its PDX-2000 and PDX-2300 turntables. The three updated models, which include the PDX-2000mkII, PDX-2000mkIIPro and PDX-2300mkIIPro, are part of an ongoing effort to provide DJs with tools that incorporate their most requested features.

The PDX-2000mkII offers the same professional features as its predecessor, including a high torque motor design, fast start up time (from 0 to full speed in .5 seconds), fine pitch and ultra pitch. In addition, the PDX-2000mkII features a new, streamlined platter and next generation ASTS (Anti-Skipping Tonearm System) design.

The PDX-2000mkIIPro and PDX-2300mkIIPro offer the same features as above, with the addition of Vestax’s proprietary, dynamic, spring-balanced tonearm system to further reduce tracking error during scratch performances. The PDX-2300mkIIPro also offers a “J” tonearm for mix DJs who prefer the feel of a curved tonearm.

The PDX-2000mkII, PDX-2000mkIIPro and PDX-2300mkIIPro are currently available with respective US MSRPs of $850, $950 and $1100.

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