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V-MODA Unveils Custom Headphones, Personalized To Match Your Style

Published Mar 2, 2011

V-MODA, a global leader in quality products that fuse style and music, is thrilled to unveil Crossfade Customs, a revolutionary personalization option for its award-winning over-ear headphone, the Crossfade LP. In honor of its five year anniversary of launching fashion metal headphones in color, the company will offer this service, previously only available to select celebrities, to everybody. The V-MODA Customs Program is an initiative founded on the fundamental belief that your headphones should be as unique as your style and musical tastes. To kick off the program, V-MODA customers can choose from six plate color options, four unique engraved designs with custom text on a choice of four base frames. Initial designs include a numbered jersey, crown, skull snake, and vinyl immortal angel logo. Colors available for the metal Crossfade LP plates are Gold, Black, Gunmetal, Pink, Purple and Red. The custom headphones will arrive ready-to-wear according to the buyer’s specifications.

“Our company vision derives from the Italian word, moda, meaning style,” says Val Kolton, Chief Visionary Officer of V-MODA and professional DJ. “Crossfade Customs lets you endorse yourself with individual style while enjoying the best sound, comfort and build quality of the highly-acclaimed Crossfade LP. As a testament to the Crossfade’s sound and durability, in only a few months of availability it quickly garnered amazing amounts of praise in the press
and became the headphone of choice for hundreds of the world’s top musicians, athletes and stars.” Kolton travelled, played and collaborated with over fifty producers, musicians and DJs to gain consensus on how to build the best headphone possible. These three years of research allowed V-MODA to fine tune the sound, features and durability of the Crossfade LP and future headphone models. Since producers and DJs are very mobile, work on the road and put their headphones through extreme abuse during and after gigs, the efforts have paid off in making the ultimate long-lasting and versatile headphone.

Built for active lifestyles, the Crossfade LP features a patented 50mm dual-diaphragm driver, BLISS noise isolation, memory foam ear-cushions, metal memory headband and signature "V-ANGLE" design. Each pair includes an exoskeleton hard case, soft cleaning cloth, 24K gold plugs, as well as both an audio only and three-button remote Kevlar® cables.

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