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TASCAM introduces VL-S21 for iPod/MP3 players

Published Mar 30, 2005

TASCAM introduces an oh-so-hip companion for your Apple iPod or other portable MP3 player, computer/home studio workstation, or mobile DJ rig. This sleek satellite speaker system pairs two ultra-slim speakers and a subwoofer with power for all three, providing exceptional performance at an affordable price!

The speakers utilize NXT technology, which provides wider dispersion and more uniform frequency response and reduced room interaction than traditional technologies. The result: A full-range pro sound system in a compact package that takes up a mere footprint on your desk.

"Studios keep getting smaller," says Diane Gershuny Fleming, TASCAM Artist and Public Relations Manager, “and it’s possible to record and mix a studio-quality album on a laptop computer in the privacy of your own bedroom. Because of their small footprint, we’re seeing a lot of these speakers ending up in both pro and home studios setups, in mobile DJ rigs and on tour busses. Plus, all of us here at TASCAM have our iPod's running through 'em for a big sound in our small office spaces. "

Here’s the geek-speak: The VL-S21's include a powered, ported subwoofer that provides 5 watts of power to each speaker and 15W to the subwoofer. The speakers use NXT technology drivers, which employ a single driver to cover a wide frequency range. This improves on the traditional woofer and tweeter design by eliminating the phase cancellation that occurs when using multiple drivers and crossovers.

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