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Stanton Announces New PA Series Power Amps

Published Nov 30, 2006

Stanton DJ, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of professional audio products for club and mobile DJs and turntablists, proudly announces the introduction of the new A Series power amplifiers. Available in three models the A.900, A.1800, and A.2800 these rugged, 2U rackmountable, workhorses feature state-of-the-art designs that include a highly efficient tunnel cooling system to ensure reliable, cool running operation, 21-position detent level control knobs for easily repeatable settings, signal and clip indicators for convenient monitoring of the amplifier's status, and the right connectors for integration into most any environment.

Stanton?s new A Series power amps have the muscle to accommodate the most demanding audio challenge. With power ratings up to 2800 watts, support for bridged mono operation in all three models, and exceptional THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) and Signal-to-Noise ratings, the A Series power amps are the right choice for a myriad of musical tasks.

Stanton Announces New PA Series Power Amps-Body

Sporting a hi-tech appearance that will be right at home in any equipment rack, the new Stanton power amplifiers present a clean, inviting presence. The amplifier's front panel includes a Power On/Off switch, 21-position detent level control knobs for channels 1 and 2 that make repeatable settings a breeze, and 6-segment, multi-color LED ladders for visual monitoring of signal status per channel.

At the heart of these new amplifiers resides an electronic design that delivers clean, reliable performance, protection circuitry guards against thermal overloads, short circuits, DC voltage, subsonic frequencies, and current overdriving. Additionally, these amps provide independent limiters for speaker protection, along with high-pass filters to eliminate extreme low end which can damage small speaker systems. Combined with a highly efficient, continuously variable tunnel cooling system designed to maintain low operating temperatures under extreme load conditions, the new A Series power amps provide pristine audio quality and dependable performance.

With the right combination of input and output connectors, the new A Series power amps integrate easily into most any audio environment. Rear panel input provisions include the balanced Combo (combined XLR and 1/4" TRS) connectors, while outputs are handled by 5-way binding post and Speakon connectors. Further, the rear panel is home to the High Pass Filter switch, Limiter switch, and a Mode select switch (for bridged/parallel/stereo operation).

Henri Cohen, Stanton's VP of Sales and Marketing, commented on the company?s new power amplifier offerings, Stanton's new A Series power amplifiers represent the pinnacle of power amplifier design. With all the connectivity to hook-up equipment musicians and DJs frequently use, combined with a broad range or power options and provisions for easily configuring one's setup, the new Stanton amps are the right tool for the job for anyone in need of high quality power amplification.

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