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Serato Neon Series

Published Jun 26, 2013
Serato Neon

The highly desirable Serato brand are bringing us all a new line of performance vinyl’s, the new Neon Series line features a re-mastered Serato NoiseMap™ Control Tone that is 6db louder than existing pressings allowing for precise tracking, better vinyl wear and for our money the most authentic feeling digital vinyl experience on the market.

Whilst of late there was a few quality issues with the brand, Serato have sought to address this in their new series. However Serato’s quality control were not completely happy with the aesthetics of a few of the new Neon Series vinyls with some of the centre labels having small imperfections. So despite the fact the vinyl’s themselves still perform flawlessly, because of this imperfection they have decided instead of selling these for $39, they will offer the double set for only $29! Most people will still get perfect records but of course some will get the vinyl’s with the slight flaw to the centre labels. With the choice of Green, Pink or Yellow this we think this is quite a bargain so if you want to get nab one for yourself head over to whilst stocks last.

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