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Published Aug 20, 2012
System 3

Stanton®, part of the new Gibson Pro Audio division and an industry leader in the design and manufacture of professional audio products for DJs, is pleased to announce that its SC SYSTEM 3 System Touch Controllers can now directly integrate with Atomix’s Virtual DJ® LE software. Effective immediately, the SC SYSTEM 3 complete controller pack will ship with Virtual DJ LE software, providing users a complete turnkey digital DJ solution

“With the direct integration of the Atomix Virtual DJ, users can experience the full power of the compact touch controls of the SC SYSTEM 3 systems,” says Timothy Dorwart, General Manager of Gibson Pro Audio. “For those wanting to grow with their SC SYSTEM 3 system, users are also provided a specially priced upgrade path to Virtual DJ Pro, which offers them the ability to add more effects, remap controls to their needs and realize greatly increased video mixing functionality, such as the ability to add new FX and skins from the Virtual DJ website. For video DJs looking to expand their capabilities or those looking to get into video DJing, this is a great tool.”

Stanton’s SC systems represent the world's first truly professional DJ control systems, designed to fully empower laptop DJs and desktop producers. The integration of the SC SYSTEM 3 system with the Virtual DJ software looks to expand upon this reputation. When the SC SYSTEM 3 system is used with Virtual DJ, it is driverless, so users can be up and running within minutes, without a complicated setup procedure. Users are now offered even more capabilities, including four-deck control, FX, loops and full-screen video output for a club-ready video DJ setup. As part of this new offering, the SC SYSTEM 3 complete controller pack will be priced at $299, making it more affordable than ever for DJ’s to get into the digital realm.

For users of other popular DJ applications, Stanton also provides a comprehensive set of MIDI presets to be used in DaRouter®, Stanton’s MIDI preset manager. Using DaRouter, users can integrate the SC SYSTEM 3 with their favorite DJ systems.



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