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PVDJ Statis Q Dual-Band EQs Make Summer NAMM Debut

Published Jul 23, 2004

Peavey's PVDJ division used the Summer NAMM to launch its Stasis Q Series equalizers, debuting with the Stasis Q215 and Stasis Q231.

The Stasis Q215 is a single-rack-space, dual 15-band graphic equalizer and Q231 is a two-rack-space, dual 31-band graphic equalizer. These signal processors both feature internal power supplies and the high efficiency circuitry used in Peavey equalizers. Both units incorporate Peavey's low noise, low distortion design for the best possible sound in any DJ application.

The Q215 features an 80 Hz low-cut filter to reduce rumble caused by DJ turntables, plus balanced TRS and RCA I/O and an RCA record output for connecting to any system. The Q231 includes variable third-order, 18 dB-per-octave high cut and low cut, a range switch (+6 /+12 ) with LED indicator for accurate adjustments and balanced XLR I/O and RCA unbalanced outputs.

Stasis Q equalizers also have 20 mm, center-detent control sliders enclosed in metal for durability, plus a ground lift switch and bypass with LED indicators; and level controls on each channel.

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