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NAMM 2004 Pvdj Introduces One-Touch Looping With The New Grabber™

Published Jan 17, 2004

PVDJ, a division of Peavey Electronics Corporation, Winter NAMM Expo booth #5740, proudly introduces the new Grabber sampling module, which allows DJs to automatically create loops. This unit “grabs” a loop of audio with a single touch of a button.

NAMM 2004 Pvdj Introduces One-Touch Looping With The New Grabber™-Body

The PVDJ Grabber revolutionizes sampling technology by allowing one-button-push looping with automatic BPM detection and beat position detection. While most samplers require start- and end-point editing, the Grabber automatically creates a perfect loop using its built-in BPM counter, and automatically syncs the loop to your main mix tempo. The Grabber features separate buttons for 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16-beat loops. This very affordable module also includes several features for creative mixing, including a jog wheel for phasing effects and other fine adjustments and a selector switch that enables reverse play.

The Grabber will be available in February 2004 from Authorized PVDJ Dealers.
· Variable sample rate: (96 kHz maximum)
· 24-bit conversion resolution; Polyphony: 6 sample loops
· Sample loop length: 1, 2, 4 (x2), 8, 16 (32 beats total)
· BPM range: 60 to 230 BPM (three ranges)
· U.S. MSRP $299.99

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