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Pioneer’s DJ Effector Offers Industry Leading Audio Quality

Published Aug 31, 2004

The new EFX-1000 effector offers discerning DJs the best audio quality possible with a 24-bit/96kHz digital-sampling system and 32-bit digital sound processing. The bypass function of the EFX-1000 enables the user to process the effects with their original high sound quality. Any serious club or studio DJ will immediately hear the impact of the increased processing power, which results in better audio quality in their mix. Pioneer’s EFX-1000 builds on the unique features in previous effectors by including a wide range of sound effects in an easy-to-manipulate system.

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The EFX-1000 offers more than the usual range of sound effects, including: Delay, Echo, Pitch Echo, Trans, Flanger, Filter and Phaser. For the first time in the industry, this product enables the DJ to beat match in sync with a pre-programmed rhythm. Alternately, the EFX-1000 will measure beats per minute and beat match in sync with the tempo of the music. The user can select multiple frequency ranges (High, Mid, Low), vastly improving the musical expression compared with existing full-range effectors.

The large, easy-to-manipulate Digital Jog Break lets the user control sound effects including: Jet, Wah, Phase, Shifter Ring, Zip, Humanizer and Vocoder. The DJ can set a hold switch to maintain the sound effect, freeing up a hand. The Jog Memory Play memorizes and reproduces the dial’s movements either once or in a continuous loop. The balance of the effects as well as the depth of the original sound can also be modified.

Pioneer’s DJ Effector Offers Industry Leading Audio Quality-Body

”With its impressive range of powerful effects and features, the EFX-1000 gives DJs even more scope for creativity in their sets and studio work,” said Karl Detken, director of product planning for the Pro Audio group of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “The enhanced audio quality is particularly critical for the studio market as well as for those performers who can only have their name associated with the best.”

The EFX-1000 offers a range of other features, including:

  • Depth Knob to adjust the strength and depth of effects.
  • Character Knob to change the parameter of the effects.
  • Mix Knob to change the balance of the original sound and effected sound.
  • Signal Flow Switch to change the signal path of the sound. This allows the DJ to create 49 patterns of effects in combination with the Beat Effect and Digital Jog Break.
  • A Bypass Switch will directly output the input sound without other effects.
  • A Momentary On/Lock On Switch enables smooth transitions.
  • A Level Meter Control Knob easily adjusts the sound level.
  • An optional Foot Switch can turn effects on or off.

The EFX-1000 can be connected to other compatible musical instruments through a MIDI In/Out terminal. It can be connected with Pioneer’s CD or DVD mixers through a digital link connection.

The EFX-1000 will be available in January at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $999.

Pioneer’s Pro DJ series of products has received a worldwide reputation for innovative digital technologies that set the standard in the market. As the number of DJs, both pro and amateur, continues to increase, Pioneer will continue to develop products to realize various special effects and that offer exceptional sound quality, reliability and playability. The company’s Pro DJ products provide a whole new way of enjoying music by meeting the wide-ranging needs of professional and amateur DJs and that vitalize both the Club DJ and Studio markets.

Pioneer offers a complete line of Pro DJ Equipment through its Pro Audio Group. Pioneer offers a limited one-year warranty for Pro Audio products purchased from authorized dealers. For more information:

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