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Pioneer Introduces Red Hot EFX-500-R

Published Aug 31, 2004

For both professional and amateur DJs, it’s important to look as good as you sound on stage while performing. The new, limited edition EFX-500-R DJ effector from Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. offers a red-hot new look to go along with unrivaled digital technology. This effector offers a tremendous selection of sounds for the most dynamic and challenging mixes ever.

“When you’re in the spotlight, you want to create a signature look that helps set the stage for a performance,” said Karl Detken, director of product planning for the Pro Audio group of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “The metallic red style of the EFX-500-R helps a DJ create that signature look – and that signature sound. It’s a limited edition product that Pioneer developed to respond to requests from DJs who want to add some visual flair to their set-up.”

Pioneer Introduces Red Hot EFX-500-R-Body

The EFX-500-R easily creates Delay, Echo, Pan, Flanger or Transformer effects with its Auto BPM function. The Auto BPM counter automatically measures beats per minute of music and turns it into digital indication, creating live effects in sync with a pre-set beat. The user can visually confirm the BPM of the input music source. The Effect Frequency Selection allows the user to select a specific frequency from the three bands (Hi, Mid, Low), which vastly improves the musical expressions. One, two or three frequency ranges can be selected at the same time. A Momentary On/Lock On system is used for smooth transitions.

An easy-to-use Digital Jog Break Dial offers the ability to create a Jet, Zip, Wah, Ring or Fuzz effect. Its Jog Memory Play feature memorizes the movement of the Jog Dial and reproduces the motion at the press of a button. The depth of the original sound also can be modified.

There is a high quality 3-band equalizer, which cuts sounds up to infinity dB and completely silences the audio in each band, as selected by the DJ.

The unit’s midi port can be used to connect the EFX-500-R to compatible electronic keyboards and other instruments for beat-matched effects.

The EFX-500-R is designed in a way that makes it easy even for amateur DJs to enjoy remixing music – and to look and sound professional while doing it. The metallic red appearance of the EFX-500-R will appeal to those wanting to put on a great show.

The EFX-500-R will be available in January at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $599.

Pioneer’s Pro DJ series of products has received a worldwide reputation for innovative digital technologies that set the standard in the market. As the number of DJs, both pro and amateur, continues to increase, Pioneer will continue to develop products to realize various special effects and that offer exceptional sound quality, reliability and playability. The company’s Pro DJ products provide a whole new way of enjoying music by meeting the wide-ranging needs of professional and amateur DJs and that vitalize both the Club DJ and Studio markets.

Pioneer offers a complete line of Pro DJ Equipment through its Pro Audio Group. Pioneer offers a limited one-year warranty for Pro Audio products purchased from authorized dealers. For more information: www.PioneerProDj.com.

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