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Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. Professional Sound and Visual Division today unveiled a new addition to its “DDJ-S” Serato® based line of controllers, the DDJ-SB

Pioneer DDJ-SB
Pioneer DDJ-SB

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. Professional Sound and Visual Division today unveiled a new addition to its “DDJ-S” Serato® based line of controllers, the DDJ-SB, which features similar operability as Pioneer’s extremely popular DDJ-SX and recently announced DDJ-SR.  More compact and portable than the other models, the DDJ-SB 2-channel DJ controller is designed for the entry-level  DJ who wants the same look and feel as the two upper models but with more basic operability and at a more affordable price.  The DDJ-SB uses the Serato DJ Intro software and incorporates multiple performance pads, large jog wheels, and a new Filter Fade function that assists users in smoothly blending together tracks of different styles.

“Serato continues to rise in popularity due to its ease-of-use and intuitive user interface, and we’re continuing to support the software with an extended lineup of controllers,” said David Arevalo, director of marketing, Professional Sound and Visual Division for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.  “The new DDJ-SB is a great way for beginners to start learning how to DJ using software like Serato DJ Intro, and once they’ve mastered this combo of hardware and software, they can easily move up to the more advanced level of products.”

Excelled Performance with DDJ-SB

The DDJ-SB offers a range of advanced functions including the popular Performance Pads and new Filter Fade.   

·        Dynamic and Intuitive DJ Play – The DDJ-SB is designed as an all-in-one system utilizing a 2-channel mixer and two decks that each feature a large jog wheel for great control while mixing and scratching.  Each jog wheel’s resistance was fine-tuned to provide users with the best “feel” and the shortest latency.  Four large rubber “performance pads” are found under each jog wheel to provide HOT CUE, AUTO LOOP, MANUAL LOOP, and SAMPLER functions, while a second row of rubberized pads offers the basic DJ functions, Play, Cue, Sync and Shift.  

·        New Filter Fade Function – For extremely smooth blending transitions when using the cross-fader, a new “Filter Fade” function can be  turned on (via a button in the center of the mixer) even with music that has vastly different styles.   The high-pass filter of the left and right decks is linked with the actions of the cross-fader, and the deck’s volume output automatically adjusts while applying the bass filter, resulting in natural sounding mix effects. 

·        Professional Design – For a stylish and sophisticated look and feel, the DDJ-SB sports the same premium look as its big brothers, including large aluminum jog plates.

·        Serato DJ Intro Software – The controller is packaged with Serato DJ Intro software to provide basic DJ functionalities.   An out-of-the-box experience with the software includes HOT CUE, SAMPLER and other cool effects.  For expanded functionalities and effects, the controller can be used with Serato DJ (optional, paid software) offering users the ability to arrange tracks using Slip Mode, access various effect functions available from iZotope®, and record tracks with DJ mixes using the record function.


Additional Features

·        USB Power – The controller can be powered using a USB connection from a laptop1.   

·        Built-in Sound Card (audio interface) – Simple connection to a laptop with a single USB cable.

·        Integrated Handles – For added convenience and portability, the DDJ-SB features grip handles on each side of the controller.