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Ortofon Announces Nightclub II Cartridge

Published Mar 22, 2007

Ortofon, the world leader in high quality DJ cartridges is proud to announce the release of the re-engineered Nightclub II. The Nightclub II builds upon the success of the original Nightclub Cartridge, boasting numerous improvements and redesigned cosmetics that will bolster its status as the reigning industry standard for club cartridges.


The Nightclub II’s improvements are two-fold: First, the re-engineered stylus and cartridge body are tuned to make the most of modern dance music. Secondly, the increased output voltage requires less gain, providing cleaner sound reproduction and less susceptibility to feedback in live environments. Adding to the allure of the Nightclub II is its redesigned cosmetics, sporting an orange stylus and detailing on the cartridge body itself.


The Nightclub II will be available from Ortofon retailers in early Q2 of 2007 and will be available in both Concorde and OM configurations.

Ortofon A/S is a privately held company, headquartered in Denmark, with a rich history of the development of audio products dating back to 1918. Ortofon has been the leading manufacturer of phonograph cartridges, as well as mastering equipment since the mid-1940s and a manufacturer of specialized DJ cartridges since the early 1980s. Ortofon Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ortofon A/S, is headquartered in New York, USA, and is located at 500 Executive Blvd Suite 102, Ossining NY 10562.

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