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Numark iDJ Pro Controller for Ipad Released

Published Oct 1, 2012
Numark iDJPro

Today we are excited to announce the availability of iDJ Pro, a premium DJ controller made for djay for iPad and created in collaboration with Numark, the world’s leading manufacturer of DJ technology. iDJ Pro expands the touch interface of your iPad with tactile controls that seamlessly integrate with djay to form a truly all-in-one DJ controller.

Incorporate your iPad’s touchscreen into your DJ control surface
Combining the industry-leading design of Numark DJ controllers with the power of your iPad and Algoriddim's djay app, iDJ Pro puts a dock for iPad at the center of its traditional dual-platter setup, giving you access to your iPad’s touchscreen alongside an expanded layout of physical controls.
Music library

Direct access to music library
Perform using all your existing songs and playlists on your iPad. Browse your entire music library and easily play, mix, and scratch your favorite songs as an iPad DJ. You can even browse, preview and purchase songs from the iTunes Store without ever leaving the app.

Record DJ performance
Capture your mix live. djay saves your recordings as high quality AIFF files and contains a built-in organizer that allows you to arrange, preview and export your recordings to Mac or PC via iTunes file sharing

Watch the video now to get a first glimpse or learn more by visiting our website: 

Feature Highlights


  • Plug-and-play support with the latest version of djay
  • All-new portrait mode with optimized user interface for iDJ Pro
  • Chain-able FX


  • Capacitive touch-sensitive platters
  • Integrated dock for iPad
  • Built-in audio interface for output and pre-cueing
  • Large die-cast aluminum volume knobs
  • Dedicated music-library scroll knob
  • Hot cues, looping, pitch and effect controls
  • Sleek brushed-aluminum casing

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