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Numark iDJ Mixing Console for iPod A Reality!

Published Jul 24, 2005

The iDJ is a 2-channel mixer that enables mobile DJs and iPod enthusiasts to seamlessly integrate their portable music libraries with other music and sound reinforcement systems—transforming the iPod from a personal music player into a source playback device. With its compact form factor, comprehensive feature set, and a blue on white aesthetic appeal that blends perfectly with the iPod, the iDJ makes the music more accessible and the party better than ever.

Does the Numark iDJ work with all iPods?
The Numark iDJ will work with any Generation 2 iPod with a bottom connector, including iPod Mini, 20GB, 30GB, 40GB, 60GB and Photo. A special adapter is included to ensure proper fit with all models mentioned.

What if my iPod does not have a botton connector (i.e., Shuffle, Generation 1)? Will it work with the iDJ?
Yes. You will need to connect the iPod’s audio output into one of the iDJ’s RCA Line-In connectors. You will also need to use the iPod’s controls to navigate and play songs.

Is the iDJ compatible with other brands of MP3 Players?
Absolutely. You can use any MP3 player by using the headphone jack on your player and plugging into the iDJ’s RCA input on the unit’s back panel. You will also need to use the MP3 Player’s controls to navigate and play songs.

Will the Numark iDJ charge my iPod while it is docked?
Yes. By placing the iPod in the iDJ’s docking cradle, the iPod charges.

Is it possible for the Numark iDJ to interface with a personal computer?
You bet. With the iDJ’s high speed USB 2.0 connector, data can be uploaded to the iPod.

Is there a way to secure my Numark iDJ?
Yes, the iDJ has an integrated Kensington Security Slot® that is compatible with a variety of available security locks available. You can find this lock at your local computer store.

What inputs and outputs does the Numark iDJ provide?
The iDJ provides the following connectors…

2 universal iPod docking stations for all iPods with the bottom connector
2 line (CD) or Phono (turntable)
1 microphone

Master RCA
Record RCA
S Video
Headphone (both 1/4” and 1/8”)

I’ve noticed the Numark iDJ has connector for two iPods. Can I use the iDJ with only one iPod?
You certainly can. You can perform between your iPod and a standard CD player or turntable. There are two additional inputs for turntables/CD Players/MP3 Players, etc. In fact, you do not necessarily need to have an iPod to use the Numark iDJ.

Can I use the Numark iDJ to Podcast?
Yes, you will need to bring the audio into your computer and record the mix on your computer by using recording software, such as Audacity software. To upload your mix to a podcast site, we recommend researching “podcast” on the Internet. There are many sites that explain the process as well as offering hosting services.

Does the Numark iDJ have built-in speakers for listening to the iPod?
No. Like the audio components in a high-end stereo system, the Numark iDJ provides control functionality and connects to other equipment intended for sound reinforcement. The iDJ provides two headphone outputs (1/4” and 1/8” connector sockets), as well as Master and Record RCA outputs.

Is the Numark iDJ iPod mixer able to be battery powered?
No. The iDJ requires the supplied power adapter for operation.

Two universal iPod docking stations will accept all model iPods with bottom connector and charge while connected

  • Large iPod navigation controls
  • 3-band EQ with gain control on both channels
  • Dedicated microphone input with tone and level control
  • Phono/line inputs for adding additional devices on both channels
  • USB connectivity (PC and Mac) enables iDJ to function as a music-loading base
  • iPod’s recording capabilities supported by iDJ for voice memos, etc.
  • Turntable spindle receptacle enables placement of the iDJ on a turntable
  • Zero tolerance precision switches/knobs for a tight, precise feel

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