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NAMM 2004 Numark Debuts Hdcd1 Dual-Cd Player With Hard Drive

Published Jan 16, 2004
NAMM 2004 Numark Debuts Hdcd1 Dual-Cd Player With Hard Drive-Spotlight

Numark unveils the HDCD1, a rack-mountable dual CD player with built-in hard drive. The HDCD1 can store an entire DJ collection for the ultimate in portability, organization, and convenience. MP3s and uncompressed audio files can be ripped from either of the built-in CD players, transferred from computer over USB, and even recorded from turntables and other sources through analog inputs.

Two jumbo displays with dedicated controls allow easy navigation for quick creation of playlists of entire music sets. A keyboard connection facilitates searching, and songs and playlists can be searched by title, artist, album, or genre. Complete song information is immediately available through the internal CDDB™ database, which is updateable via the internet. Included software allows file transfers between the HDCD1 and a computer for upload and back-up download, the ability to edit song and playlist data, and internet CDDB™ data searches for new files lacking information. Song lists may also be exported as text.

NAMM 2004 Numark Debuts Hdcd1 Dual-Cd Player With Hard Drive-Body
We are very pleased to introduce the world’s first Hard Drive / CD / MP3 system for the professional DJ. The HDCD1 demonstrates Numark’s commitment to empowering DJs with innovative technology.
-Numark CEO John E. "Jack" O’Donnell

The HDCD1 is complete with advanced professional features like pitch control, instant start, relay start, and seamless looping. Play modes include single, continuous, random, repeat single, and repeat continuous. The CD transports are fully compatibility with CDR Data (MP3) and CDRW discs.

Key Features and Benefits
1) Large internal hard drive stores
MP3s and uncompressed audio
• Rip audio from CD
• Transfer audio files from
computer over USB
• Record through line inputs
• Store entire DJ collection
• Instant song and CD data
2) Dual CD Players
• Operate as standalone
professional dual CD player
• Full compatibility with CD, CDR
Data (MP3), and CDRW
3) Two jumbo displays and navigation
• Quickly create playlists of entire
music sets
• Search CDs and hard drive by
song, artist, album, playlist or
• Keyboard connection for rapid
song search
4) Professional DJ functionality
• Pitch, instant start, relay start,
and seamless looping
• Play modes include single,
continuous, random, repeat
single, and repeat continuous
5) Included software for interfacing
with computer
• Upload and back-up download
of music files
• Edit song and playlist data
• Internet CDDBTM data search
for new files lacking information
• Export internal song list as text
MSRP $2199.00

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