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New Rm Series Mixers From Stanton At NAMM 2005

Published Jan 22, 2005
The RM Series represents the culmination of Stanton’s decades of experience designing DJ mixers

As part of their massive 2005 product line update, Stanton has introduced three new mixers: the RM.406, the RM.404 and the RM.402. The new mixers will be available nationwide through Stanton’s authorized retailers.

“The RM Series represents the culmination of Stanton’s decades of experience designing DJ mixers,” says Henri Cohen, Stanton’s Vice-President of Sales & Marketing. “The RM.406 is the choice for club and mobile DJs who want it all, while the RM.404 and RM.402 combine terrific features and great quality at affordable prices.”

New Rm Series Mixers From Stanton At NAMM 2005-Body-3

The RM.406 is a 4-channel, rackmount-style mixer that features Stanton’s SST™ technology for pristine audio quality on par with studio mixing consoles. Its extensive routing and interfacing, including 10 line/CD inputs and 4 Phono inputs, can accommodate even the most complex DJ setups. The RM.406 provides three mic inputs (2 XLR and 1/4”), with 3-band EQ and Talkover function, as well as FX Send and Return connectors. A minijack input allows easy connection of an iPod™ or similar portable HD player. The RM.406’s stunning industrial design features touches like diffused LEDs, and its innovative Illumiknobs™ use colored backlight to show knob position in dark environments.

Each channel on the RM.406 hosts separate Gain and 3-band EQ with complete kills. A fully-assignable crossfader with curve control and Fader Start function complements its versatile Cue section, which features stereo/split function, cue pan and level control. A variety of outputs are provided, including Master (XLR balanced and 1/4”), Zone (1/4” balanced and RCA), Booth (RCA), Record (RCA) and Headphone (1/4” and 1/8”). Designed for today’s music, the RM.406 features an XLR Subwoofer output with sweepable crossover (80Hz to 320Hz).

New Rm Series Mixers From Stanton At NAMM 2005-Body-2

The new RM.404 is a 4-channel mixer with the same great audio quality and flexible features as the RM.406, minus its dedicated booth outputs and subwoofer output. It also offers two mic inputs instead the RM.406’s three.

New Rm Series Mixers From Stanton At NAMM 2005-Body

Stanton’s new RM.402 is a 4-channel mixer designed for mobile DJs. Employing SST™ audio technology for superb audio quality, the RM.402 raises the bar for affordable mixers, offering 3 Phono, 9 Line and 3 Mic inputs. A fully assignable crossfader with Fader Start function is included, as is gain control with clip LED on each channel. The RM.402’s mic inputs feature 2-band EQ and Talkover function, and its dual 7-band master EQ with On/Off switch is perfect for mobile DJ needs. The RM.402 includes a balanced Master output, plus Zone and Booth outputs.

More information on Stanton’s new RM.406, RM.404 and RM.402 mixers can be found at www.stantondj.com.

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