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Native Instruments announces TRAKTOR SCRATCH certification of Allen&Heath Xone:4D control mixer

Published Feb 21, 2009

Native Instruments today announced that the Allen&Heath Xone:4D control mixer is now certified for advanced integration with TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO. Furthermore, the Xone:1D, 2D and 4D models are now part of the "TRAKTOR Ready" program.

The certification of the Xone:4D allows users of TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO to connect their computer, turntables and CD decks directly to the mixer, and use time-code control without the AUDIO 8 DJ interface. Native Instruments also provides a performance-ready controller configuration file for the Xone:4D, enabling DJs to intuitively control a wide range of functions in TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO from the MIDI-enabled control elements of the mixer with no additional setup necessary.
Native Instruments has created the certification program to maximize the interoperability of digitally equipped high-end DJ mixers with TRAKTOR SCRATCH, reducing setup complexity and enabling instant connectivity in club environments. Mixers that receive certification are carefully tested for reliable and seamless functional integration, and for their capability to process the high-resolution time-code signal of TRAKTOR SCRATCH with maximum precision and minimum latency.
All owners of the Xone:4D and other certified mixers can purchase a special TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO Upgrade Kit for $339 / 299 EUR, which contains the full TRAKTOR PRO software as well as time-code vinyls and CDs.
Furthermore, the full range of Allen&Heath Xone controllers including the 1D, 2D, 3D, and 4D models are now part of the "TRAKTOR Ready" program, which confirms their comprehensive MIDI control functionality and compatibility for TRAKTOR. Official configuration files for these controllers are now available for download on the NI website, and will also be included in the upcoming free 1.1 software update for TRAKTOR PRO/TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO.

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