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NAMM 2005 Jbl Professional’s Vrx932la

Published Jan 20, 2005

Bringing the tour-sound-proven versatility and performance of its VERTECâ Series line array to performers and smaller venues, JBL Professional today introduced the new VRX932LA portable line array system. The VRX932LA is a compact 12-inch, two-way line array loudspeaker designed for use in arrays of up to six units. Each speaker has a 15-degree (nominal) vertical coverage angle. This means that a single enclosure or arrays consisting of 2 or 3 speakers can provide practical vertical coverage.

Ideal for smaller environments requiring line array performance without the long-throw characteristics of larger systems, the introduction of the VRX932LA brings the unmatched qualities of JBL’s VERTEC Series to small to medium entertainment venues, A/V rental companies, and entertainers traveling with their own PA system.

“Until now, most line array speakers have been designed for use in very large, extremely high-power systems in large venues,” said Gerry Tschetter, Director of Portable PA Marketing, JBL Professional. “The VRX932LA is built for smaller venues than the VERTEC line but not to a lower standard. In fact, the VRX932LA shares components with the renowned VT4888 and VT4887,”

The VRX932LA is not limited to use in suspended arrays. One or two VRX932LA speakers may also be used on a tripod or on a pole over SRX718S subwoofers. This flexibility will make it a welcome addition for performers as well as A/V rental companies. An integral rigging system supports flying (using the available JBL VRX932-AF array frame) or secure stacking.

The VRX932LA uses JBL’s patented Differential Driveâ 12-inch woofer with dual voice coils and magnetic gaps and a neodymium magnet, allowing a few ounces to replace pounds of conventional magnet material. The Differential Drive design greatly reduces weight while increasing power capacity, decreasing distortion, and reducing power compression.

The distinctive Constant Curvature Array (CCA) waveguide mounts three compression drivers on a continuous arc. When additional VRX932LA speakers are added to the array, the uninterrupted arc continues. Whether a single VRX932LA or a maximum array of six is being used, the output from the high-frequency drivers sums with unprecedented coherence. In effect, all the drivers work together as if they were a single driver on a very long waveguide. But since there are three high-frequency drivers in each VRX932LA, the combined power handling and acoustic output of the system is far greater than a single driver could achieve.

Like larger line arrays, the coverage of the VRX932LA array may be adjusted. However, the relative angles between enclosures are fixed in order to maintain the Constant Curvature character of the array. Instead, the VRX932LA uses “amplitude shading” to shape the coverage of the array. The Array Configuration Selector switches on the input plate allow, for example, the upper box in an array to reach a distant balcony while the lower box of the array is shaded back to reduce excessive level at the front of the audience area.

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