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NAMM 2004 QSC Audio's Isis Series

Published Jan 17, 2004

Featuring four models— the 102M, 102W, 122M and 152M—the new ISIS multi-purpose enclosures make an exceptional choice as “top boxes” to complement the ISIS 215PCM subwoofer. These versatile, great-sounding additions to the ISIS line extend QSC’s commitment to the corporate industrial and special event markets.

NAMM 2004 QSC Audio's Isis Series-Spotlight

All four of these new ISIS loudspeakers are full-range, two-way models featuring active and/or passive crossover operation. With their advanced composite construction, these new speakers feature superior strength and reduced weight—all of which translates to superior, more focused sound (as a result of increased wall rigidity), safer rigging, and lower transportation costs. A full 5.1 (6-channel) system can easily be transported and set up by a single operator—further reducing the costs associated with ISIS ownership. As an added benefit, the composite construction and stainless steel grills provide excellent weather resistance for outdoor applications. Wood versions are also available.

All QSC ISIS loudspeakers are constructed from the finest components. Of particular note, the ISIS 102M, 122M and 152M loudspeakers feature spherical HF waveguides and 10" 12" or 15" neodymium woofers for reduced weight. The 102W features an advanced rotatable 150 x 50 degree waveguide for the widest possible coverage area and a high-power ferrite woofer for maximum output.

All ISIS Series loudspeakers feature a full assortment of versatile hardware to make the task of rigging / installation as straightforward as can be. Integral L-track flying hardware at the top and bottom of the cabinets allow for easy rigging. There’s also a built in pole cup for pole mounting. The multi-angle cabinet design facilitates both FOH and stage monitor applications. As noted previously, all systems are designed to operate with the ISIS 215PCM, which provides all processing and amplification for the full-range top boxes as well as the 215 subwoofer.

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