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Move Over Apple Here's iGemini

Published Oct 4, 2004

The i-series is an inspiration from the latest trends, bringing back the I in intelligent design. The i-series is an instant classic. Presenting, the ICDJ, professional front loading CD player, and the IPMX, professional 2 stereo channel mixer from Gemini. With a beautifully designed white colored chassis and silver painted backing, the is series is sure to turn some heads.

Move Over Apple Here's iGemini-Body-2

The stylish ICDJ is the perfect CD player, designed with the latest advancements to enhance your DJ experience. The new ICDJ comes equipped with an anti-shock RAM buffer memory, digital output, time select, pitch bend, 3 time modes, and a seamless looping program. The ICDJ is fitted with a full slot-in mechanism to ensure safety & protection for your discs. Controlling the unit has been made easier thanks to a new soft touch jog wheel & feather light touch buttons. The ICDJ is sure to be a classic addition to your DJ setup.

The powerful IPMX, professional 10” 2 channel stereo mixer, is the perfect battle mixer. The IPMX comes equipped with 3 band EQ Kill switches with flash effect, 4 line inputs, 2 convertible phono/line inputs, hamster/reverse and curve fader controls, and an easily removable cross fader, for fader replacement. Complete the series and make the party with the IPMX.

Move Over Apple Here's iGemini-Body

Mix the party up with style and grace with the new I series from Gemini. Packed with wonderful features, the I series is a powerfully compact DJ setup designed to do loops around the competition. With its convenient design, versatility and attractiveness, this unit is the perfect addition to your DJ setup!

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