Dec 10, 2023

Monster® Introduces First Ever DJ Specific Cable

Published Jul 22, 2004

Monster Cable Products, Inc., the world's leading manufacturer of high-end speaker, audio, video and computer cables, as well as AC power conditioning products, is entering the DJ market with the introduction of Monster DJ cables.

DJs are only as good as their gear, and DJ equipment can only sound as good as the cables that connect it. That’s why Monster has designed a cable specially for DJs. Monster DJ cables deliver the highest sound quality possible while offering convenient performance features that Monster users have come to expect.

Here’s what well-known DJs and Famous Monsters QBert and Yogafrog of Thud Rumble say about Monster Cable, “You achieve optimum output and full clarity with Monster Cable. We’ve been using Monster for over 10 years now and are excited about the new Monster DJ specific cables.”

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