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Mixware MAGMA SWITCHBOX .V2 Introduced

Published Jul 11, 2010

The new MAGMA SWITCHBOX .V2 makes it easier than ever to transition between two digital DJ's, without having to unplug the decks and mixer to connect a new soundcard. It provides a hustle-free DJ swap, enabling two DJ audio interfaces to be connected simultaneously to a mixer - even a two channel battle mixer.


The MAGMA SWITCHBOX .V2 features a three-way selector switch to assign the signal from each deck to either interface to switch between two digital DJ setups, or send it directly to the mixer (THRU).
In addition to switching between two soundcards, the MAGMA SWITCHBOX features connections for two turntables and two CD players. A Mode switch enables either system to be controlled via CD or vinyl.

Forget the days of unplugging one deck at a time when you finish your set, and reaching behind the mixer to fish for your cables. You can now patch into the system without getting in the way of the previous DJ finishing his set. When you are ready to play your first record, just select a deck from the MAGMA SWITCHBOX and you are good to go. When you are done with your set, you can unplug at anytime without interrupting the next DJ.

The MAGMA SWITCHBOX 2.0 is also great for Tag Team DJing and DJ crews. So if there are 2 DJs performing with each of their laptops (DJ A: Traktor Scratch and DJ B: Serato), the turntables (or CD-players) can easily be routed towards the desired audio source.

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