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Mackie Unveils All-New Super Active High-Output Loudspeakers

Published Jan 20, 2005
Our goal quite simply, was to make the new SA Series the best performing and best sounding active loudspeakers in Mackie’s history

Mackie unveiled today their new “flagship” line of Super Active PA speakers that are designed to improve upon the award-winning Mackie SA designs of the past with maximized power, recalibrated active electronics, high-definition neodymium drivers, as well as extensive acoustic design and tuning by the world-renowned Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) engineering team.

The development of the all-new SA Series Loudspeakers, which are easily identified by their distinctive silver grills and “z” at the end of their individual model designations, began with an extensive update to Mackie’s existing SA1232 and SA1521 models, and continued with the addition of two entirely new models to the line—the SA1530z and SA1532z.

All four of the new SA Series loudspeakers offer maximum power for their class—from 500 watts for the SA1521z ($1199 MSRP), to a massive 1300 watts for the SA1530z ($1699 MSRP), SA1232z ($1999 MSRP), and SA1532z ($2199 MSRP). The completely re-calibrated active electronics, which include precision crossovers, level protection and electronic time correction, work in concert with new neodymium mid- and high-frequency drivers to deliver greater accuracy, increased output, and reduced weight. To ensure maximum structural rigidity, all SA Series speakers feature robust cabinets constructed from 18mm Baltic birch plywood and pressure-injected structural resin.

Mackie Unveils All-New Super Active High-Output Loudspeakers-Spotlight

In addition, the new SA Series was developed and tuned exclusively by the Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) engineering team. As a result of their efforts, every model in Mackie’s new SA Series range functions as a highly efficient system, optimizing acoustic, electronic and mechanical designs to achieve the highest level of performance and value.

“Our goal quite simply, was to make the new SA Series the best performing and best sounding active loudspeakers in Mackie’s history,” commented Product Manager John Boudreau. “In this effort, we were able to leverage all of the design and engineering talents in the LOUD Technologies family. From the Mackie engineering team to the EAW engineering team, they all applied their specific areas of expertise in the development of these loudspeakers. As a result, I believe that we not only accomplished our goal, but have developed some of the finest active loudspeakers on the market today.”About the SA1521z High-End 2-Way Loudspeaker

The new SA1521z is an ultra high-output, bi-amplified, two-way portable sound reinforcement system. Featuring premium transducer components, the 1.75-inch neodymium high-frequency compression driver is powered by its own 100W RMS amplifier. The optimized horn element incorporates a low-distortion symmetric phase plug for improved dispersion and very natural mid- and high-frequency response. Low frequencies are handled by a high-output 15-inch long-throw woofer with a three-inch high-temperature voice coil, and powered by a dedicated 400W RMS amplifier. Frequency response is 44Hz to 20kHz.

All three SA Series 3-way systems employ several distinct elements to achieve their amazing accuracy and full, natural sound. For each model, frequencies above 3kHz are produced by a 1.75-inch neodymium compression driver, while a six-inch neodymium mid-range transducer operates between 700Hz and 3kHz—eliminating the placement of a crossover point in the center of critical voice frequency range.

Additionally, all three models feature an optimized wide-dispersion WaveFrontTM horn design—a sophisticated one-piece 90º x 40º horn that combines both mid- and high-frequency drivers. Unlike typical mid/high horn designs, the high-frequency section fires slightly downward into the six-inch mid-range driver’s dispersion pattern, creating a focused, single wave front with excellent phase and power response characteristics. The resulting 90º x 40º dispersion pattern provides open, natural sound for the entire audience, even at extreme output levels—giving all 3-way SA Series loudspeakers a distinct high-definition signature across the range.

Frequency response and output differ between the 3-way SA Series models depending on woofer configuration. The SA1530z (one 15-inch woofer) delivers a peak SPL of 135dB @ 1kHz/1 meter and a frequency response of 38Hz to 20kHz. The SA1232z (two 12-inch woofers) delivers a peak SPL of 136dB @ 1kHz/1 meter, 39Hz to 20kHz. The largest model, the SA1532z (two 15-inch woofers), delivers a peak SPL of 139dB @ 1kHz/1 meter and a frequency response of 38Hz to 20kHz.

The new SA Series, along with Mackie’s new SR Series and Precision Passive Series of sound reinforcement loudspeakers (see separate press releases) are currently on display at the NAMM Convention in Anaheim California, January 20-23, 2005, booth #6690. All three SA Series speakers will begin shipping to Mackie dealers in Q2, 2005.

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