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Mackie® TH-18 Powered Subwoofer Adds Some More Thump To Lineup

Published Sep 16, 2009
Thump TH-18s

Mackie’s new Thump TH-18s Powered Subwoofer is the perfect companion to the popular Thump TH-15A Powered Loudspeaker. The TH-18s sub will be thumping in Mackie’s Showroom at the K+K Hotel George on Templeton Place from September 13 - 15, 2009.

Like the TH-15A, the TH-18s was designed by the same speaker gurus who developed the SRM450v2s. Delivering 1000 watts of peak power, the TH-18s subwoofer offers many of the same benefits as the Thump full-range model. Powerful, efficient and Built-Like-A-Tank, the TH-18s subs complete the Thump system. They are also a great choice for use with Mackie’s top-selling SRMv2s.

Mackie® TH-18s Back

“The Thump TH-15A has been very well received and with the addition of a powerful matched sub, the Thump system provides a great sounding, reliable full-range solution for budget-minded bands, DJs, clubs, churches and more,” said Greg Young, Mackie brand product manager.

With an 18” driver, 1000 watts of ground shaking power and ultra solid construction, the TH-18s will appeal to customers across the board. With light-weight, class-D power and massive low-end extension, not to mention an amazing price, the value is clear.

  • 18-inch subwoofer with Active design

  • Ultra-efficient 500W Class-D amplifier design for ultimate clarity and punch

  • Stereo I/O and pass thru for flexible connectivity

  • Stereo High Pass output (120Hz)

  • Phase Polarity switch

  • Rear Clip LED

  • Standard pole mount for TH-15A

  • Built-in handles for easy transport

  • Ported bass reflex design

  • Frequency response (-10dB) 35Hz-125Hz

  • Maximum SPL Peak 125dB SPL 1m

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