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Gemini’s New PS Mixers Revitalize an Industry Classic

Published Feb 28, 2012
Gemini PS4

Gemini, an esteemed manufacturer of DJ and Pro Audio equipment, is now shipping their new, revamped PS series of DJ mixers. The latest PS Series modernizes an industry classic with a new look, upgraded components and enhanced performance, creating a versatile selection of robust mixers.

Gemini’s original PS-626 quickly became one of the best-selling DJ mixers of all time. Today, that iconic PS legacy continues with five high-quality options that offer affordable, professional performance. With durable construction, flexible connections, comprehensive features and an updated faceplate design, Gemini’s newest PS mixers revitalize a DJ benchmark.

Ranging from the compact 6.5-inch, 2-channel PS1, to the 12.5-inch, 4-channel PS4, the series has something for everyone. Bridging the gap, the PS2 is a 10-inch, 2-channel stereo mixer, while the PS3 offers a 10-inch, 3-channel design. The series also includes the PS3-USB, which boasts the same features and design as the PS3, but with a USB I/O that lets users play songs from their computer’s digital music libraries and record to a DAW simultaneously.

“Building dependable, high-quality DJ mixers has always been a priority for Gemini,” says Alan Cabasso, President. “With the new PS Series, we merged classic functionality and contemporary style, so DJs get the performance they demand with a new eye-catching look.”

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