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Gemini iKEY Portable USB Recorder

Published Aug 26, 2005
we think everyone will benefit from this product in some way

Gemini introduces the iKEY Portable USB Recorder, a revolutionary new product that will change the way you transfer your DJ mixes to your hard drive forever. The first of its kind anywhere in the world, this incredible new product is capable of capturing an audio signal, converting it to MP3 or WAV format, and writing it directly to a USB compatible storage device - all in real-time!

To use the iKEY, simply connect a cable from your headphone jack or any other output source to the RCA inputs, connect to a USB flash drive or mass storage device, select the desired digital audio format, and hit record - it’s that simple! The iKEY lets you choose whether the audio will be converted into MP3 format (with a choice of a 128, 160 and 256kbps bit rate) or the lossless WAV format. Never before has a portable device allowed you to do this without extra hardware and software.

“The iKEY is capable of so many applications – we think everyone will benefit from this product in some way,” stated Artie Cabasso, Gemini’s Chief Executive Officer, “Its compact design and easy connectivity will make this product ideal for mobile, club and scratch DJs who want to record their work directly to a digital audio format.”

The iKEY will allow DJs to record their live mixes, transfer vinyl collections to MP3 or WAV, sample DVD or CD audio, write live music straight to an MP3 Player’s hard drive, or even get your music to a convenient format for internet transfer – the possibilities are endless! With all the iKEY’s possible uses and a suggested retail price of $229.99, this product promises to take the DJ industry by storm, creating new avenues to get live audio to a convenient format in one step.


1. USB Port (For direct connectivity to supported USB Storage Device)
2. Compatible with USB 2.0/1.1/1.0 devices
3. Records audio to Uncompressed WAV format or MP3 format (w/selectable bit rate, up to 256kbps)
4. Gold plated RCA inputs
5. LED Indicator shows memory remaining on target drive
6. Battery powered w/ low battery indicator (AC adapter optional)
7. DC charger input for use with rechargeable batteries
8. Level clip indicator
9. Record volume control
10. Reset button


Gemini iKEY Portable USB Recorder-Body-2

USB Port – With the iKey’s USB 2.0 Compatible Data Port, you can easily connect to your favorite mass storage device, including the iPod!

Gemini iKEY Portable USB Recorder-Body-5

RCA Jacks – The RCA Inputs allow you to effortlessly connect the iKey to your stereo mixer or any audio output device.

Level Control/Level Clip LED – To be used in conjunction with one another – the user can monitor excessive output through the Level Clip LED, and adjust the input volume accordingly using the Level Control .

Gemini iKEY Portable USB Recorder-Body-3

REC Button – After you have selected your desired format and/or bit-rate to be transferred to the storage device, simply press the REC button to begin recording. When you want to stop recording, press the REC button again to stop the recording process.

Gemini iKEY Portable USB Recorder-Body

SEL Button – Use the SEL button to toggle between desired MP3 bit rates or WAV format.

Gemini iKEY Portable USB Recorder-Body-4

WAV Led – If you want to record your audio using a lossless audio format, simply select WAV and begin recording. Warning: WAV files can be very large – expect approximately 10 megabytes of output per minute of audio.

Bit Rate Selection – If you want to record your audio to mp3 format, simply select the bit rates available, which range from the standard 128kbps to the nearly CD Quality 256kbps.

Low Battery/Error Button – This dual-function LED blinks when there is a transfer error or it lights up solid when battery life is low – letting you know when it’s time to change the batteries or reset the unit.

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