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Gemini TT-03 Professional Direct Drive Turntable

Published Mar 31, 2005

Once again, Gemini listens to the demands of countless performance DJs with the release of the TT-03 super high torque direct drive turntable. Surpassing the industry standard for starting torque, the TT-03 provides a heavy duty 2.2kg/cm CPU controlled motor system, which is sure to satisfy both beat mixing DJs as well as scratch enthusiasts. The +/- 10% variable pitch slide control allows for precision adjustments, and the solid aluminum platter features easy glide grooves for quick and easy manipulation.

The TT-03 also features a height-adjustable (up to 6mm) straight tone arm system, for superior tracking and skip resistance under the most strenuous conditions. In addition to its solid performance, the TT-03 also benefits from revised cosmetics, including a stylish curved black body, as well as chrome hardware. All of the soft-touch buttons also feature LED indicators, including the start/stop, speed, and quartz lock controls. To top it off, the TT-03 comes standard with a removable, easy-to-replace bright white LED target light, and detachable RCA and ground cables. With its attractive design, along with heavy duty motor and tone arm, the TT-03 undoubtedly provides a great “mix” of form and functionality.

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