Dec 7, 2023

Gemini PS-626EFX and Gemini PS-828x Classics Re-introduced

Published May 30, 2008

Gemini takes its re-introduction of the classic, hardworking and award-winning PS Series Professional mixers one step further with the unveiling of the new PS-626EFX and PS-828x.

Based off the freshly updated and ergonomically re-designed PS-626x, but with the added features of built-in Digital Effects such as Filter, Flanger & Trans effects, the PS-626EFX Professional 10” 3-channel mixer is equipped with all the essentials DJs need and want, plus the added bonus of one touch effects control with adjustable EFX parameter wheel to help you personalize every mix! MSRP $239.95

Gemini’s newest top notch PS-Series mixer, the PS-828x is equipped with 4 Channels, 5 lines with 2 Phono inputs, balanced XLR outputs, 3 band rotary EQ per channel with -30db cuts, assignable Corssfader with Curve control and a separate microphone volume with talkover and 2 band EQ just to name a few, giving you exceptional value in basic straight-ahead DJ mixing. MSRP $279.95

Providing premium performance and all the high quality and sophistication you need, Gemini’s new PS mixers are the ultimate in affordable pro mixers.

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