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Gemini Releases Four New Mixers At NAMM

Gemini proudly introduces four new mixers to its new professional DJ Mixer line during the 2009 Winter NAMM giving DJs some of the latest technology currently available on the market. The new mixers include the Gemini PS-828EFX, Gemini MM-4400, Gemini MM-2400 and the Gemini MM-1800.

Gemini PS-828EFX
Gemini proudly introduces its new professional 12.5” 4-channel mixer, the PS-828EFX. Based off the classic, hardworking and award-winning PS Series but equipped with 3 on-board Effects. Reverb, Flanger, and Delay. The built-in, high-quality Digital Effects (Filter, Flanger & Trans) can be individually assigned to either of the 3 channels, as well as one touch effect controls with an adjustable EFX parameter wheel to adjust on the fly!

Gemini PS-828EFX
PS-828EFX Back


Gemini MM-4000
The Ultimate Cost Effective Karaoke and Club DJ Mixer
The Perfect, affordable rack-mount DJ FX Mixer, Gemini’s MM-4000 offers exceptional value to Karaoke and Club DJ’s.
The MM-4000 19inch rack mountable mixer is perfect for vocal manipulation and mixing, this unit comes equipped with 4 unbalanced ¼” mic channel inputs, 1 balanced XLR master microphone input, Dry/Web rotary control, plus a rotary control FX Selector that lets you choose between 16 high quality built-in effect choices such as room reverbs, chorus,flange and delays!
In addition the MM-4000 has an assignable user replaceable RailGlide™ cross fader, balanced XLR master output and master, zone and record out RCA outputs.

Gemini MM-4000
MM-4000 Back


Gemini MM-2400

The MM-2400 is a 19-inch rack mountable 4 channel professional mixer comes equipped with an extensive feature set tailored towards DJ’s of all levels.
The Dual 10 band graphic EQ with on/off switch allows you to tweak your sound to an exact level of your satisfaction,putting the power of sound in the DJ’s hand. The assignable crossfader with removable Rail Glide cross fader allows you to select which channels you want to fade into. Quick push-button cueing will allow the DJ to set up their next track on any particular channel fast. The MM-2400 also gives you an auto talk over feature and BNC lamp port.
The MM-2400 features 6 digital effects include SCRATCH, H20, APPLAUSE, COPTER, GLASS, and SCREAM. These are some of the best digital effects any DJ can add to their set and use to interact with the crowd.
Includes echo section with repeat, delay, volume, and speed rotary controls. This is a very important feature for a DJ/MC that wants to add some extra vocal effects.

Gemini MM-2400
MM-2400 Back


Gemini MM-1800

4U 19” rack mounted audio FX mixer
The MM-1800 is equipped with 7 RCA line inputs, 2 convertible RCA phono/line inputs, and 3 mic inputs, you’ll never have to search for an extra set of jacks to plug into!
The MM-1800 essential and powerful feature is it’s dual 10-band EQ with echo section. You’ll have complete control over your sound. The dual 10-band graphic EQs have a on/off switch and blue LEDs that allow quick, accurate stereo equalization.
The MM-1800 includes rotary zone, booth, and cue volume, stereo/mono switch, and assignable crossfader. Each channel has a cue button with a green LED indicator. CUE/PGM fader control, 2-band rotary mic EQ and volume controls, talk over feature, BNC lamp port, record, booth, and zone RCA outputs, 1/4” balanced master and 1/4”
headphone output, 2 -1/4” mic inputs and one XLR-1/4” combo mic input.

Gemini MM-1800 Mixer
MM-1800 Back