Feb 23, 2024

Gemini Presents The CDX-02

Published Oct 25, 2004

Gemini is proud to present the latest addition to our line of professional rack mounted CD players - the CDX-02. This 4U dual deck player comes with a variety of essential features, perfect for club installations or mobile use. The CDX-02 is CD-R compatible, and features instant start as well as +10 song searching. The unit also supports frame accurate searching, cue function with preview for each deck, as well as three mode time selection. Mechanical anti-shock transports are included for enhanced tracking performance, especially in the field. Pitch changes are made easily by means of a +/- 8% pitch control, as well as pitch bend buttons and rubber jog wheels for precision adjustments. Beatmixing DJs are provided for with the inclusion of a BPM Tap function for each deck. A solid black metal chassis brings it all together, with large, high visibility blue-backlit LCD displays and soft touch rubber buttons. http://www.geminidj.com

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