Feb 23, 2024

Gemini Introduces Professional 4U Dual CD Player

Published Oct 25, 2004

Gemini is proud to present the CDX-04 - the latest in our line of versatile professional rack mounted CD players. This 4U dual deck player comes with a variety of essential features, as well as enhancements tailored specifically to the performing DJ. The CDX-04 is CD-R compatible, and features instant start as well as frame accurate searching, cue function with preview for each deck, and BOP button for instant replay from the cue point. The CDX-04 also features Anti-Shock™ using RAM buffer memory – just because the crowd is jumping doesn’t mean that your music has to be! Also included are two seamless loops per side with reloop function, unlocking countless possibilities for stepping up your performance. For the beatmixing DJ, speed changes can be performed using the variable pitch control, with ranges of +/- 4%, 8%, and 16%; precision adjustments can be done using the rubber jog wheels and pitch bend buttons. Just in case you have to step away from the DJ booth, Robo Start mode keeps the party going without missing a beat! To top it off, the sleek design of the CDX-04 is completed with a solid black metal chassis, large, high-visibility blue backlit LCD displays, and soft touch rubber buttons. http://www.geminidj.com

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