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Gemini CS-02 5-Channel Stereo Club Mixer

Published Jan 20, 2006

Gemini is proud to announce the CS-02 5-Channel Stereo Club mixer, the company’s new solution for the professional Club DJ. With a wide array of premium features such as a channel-assignable DSP module and numerous audio input options, the CS-02 promises to be a solid contender for high-end mixers in the industry.


Each of the 5 channels on the CS-02 come equipped with an EFX assign button, crossfader assign switch, and an input assign knob that will allow the user to customize which input is fed to the respective channel. The mixer also features a DSP Effects module that gives the user 25 DSP effects to choose from, each of which can be assigned to any channel. Additionally, the CS-02 features a Zone Select switch that gives the user the power to choose which input is assigned to the Zone Output.


With the AUTO BPM /TAP button, the user can take advantage of the Effect Sync feature by syncing the chosen effect with the tempo of the song. The tempo can be set by the user by tapping the button in time. A tempo ratio control is also included for use in conjunction with the Effect Sync feature.


“As a true to form club mixer, we’re excited to release the CS-02 under the Gemini name.” stated Alan Cabasso, President of Gemini Sound Products, “The CS-02 brings club DJs everything they want from a premium mixer. From great effects to loads and loads of input options, the sheer versatility of this mixer is a sight to behold.”


In addition to all these wonderful features, the CS-02 also features 3-band EQ with Gain control for each channel, top-located AUX and REC inputs, and fully featured mic and cue control sections. The CS-02 is set to debut in Q2 of 2006 and will have a suggested retail price of $399.95.

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