Dec 10, 2023

Gemini CFX-20 Announced

Published Jul 11, 2005

Announcing the new CFX-20 Professional Slot-Loading CD Player, Gemini’s latest and greatest innovation in their line of Tabletop CD Players. With its wide array of features and new touch-sensitive technology, this unit promises to destroy all competition in its price range. We’ve fitted the CFX-20 with a special Touch-Sensitive Jog Wheel that responds instantaneously to the slightest touch.

Gemini CFX-20 Announced-Body

You can control the current track by simply placing your fingers on the center jog wheel plate, rolling it forward, or rolling it back – just like a piece of vinyl! The Jog Wheel is also capable of switching between Jog Mode and Pitch Bend mode, which is toggled through a convenient button located to the top right of the Jog Wheel and controlled by the outer ring of the Jog Wheel itself.

The CFX-20 also comes equipped other special features including two 8-second Sampler Banks, three programmable Fly Cue Points, Seamless Loop capability, BPM counter, Key Lock, and up to 100% variable pitch control. Other features include Single Auto-Cue and Continuous Play Modes, three Time display modes, rotary Brake control, and 10-second Anti-Shock protection.

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