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Gemini CDT-05 Hybrid Turntable On Hand At NAMM

Published Jan 20, 2006

Gemini Sound Products proudly announces the impending release of the long-awaited CDT-05 Hybrid Turntable, which is finally set for March delivery. As the first turntable on the market that plays both vinyl and CDs, the CDT-05 has generated significant media buzz and demand since it was officially announced last January.

Equipped with a skip-resistant straight tone-arm system and 5.5 kg/cm high-torque direct drive motor, the CDT-05 delivers all of the premium features you’ve come to expect in a performance turntable coupled with the power of a full-featured CD player which can be controlled through the full-sized direct drive platter. As if this wasn’t enough, the CDT- 05 provides MP3 CD support and features independent outputs for the CD and Turntable, giving you the ability to mix a CD with vinyl or vice versa, all within a single compact design.

“Despite the digital trend, long-time DJs still embrace the feel and control of the vinyl record,” Louis Dorio, Gemini’s Product Specialist stated, “The CDT provides a way for DJs to move forward into the digital age without sacrificing the familiarity and skills they’ve developed throughout their career.”

The CDT-05 also comes equipped with other important features including variable pitch control up to 50% and a 3-speed motor. For the CD playback, this unit comes with 3 on- board DSP effects, pitch bend, 3 hot start points, frame accurate search and cue functions, and seamless loop capability. With all these features and the $1399.95 MSRP price tag, Gemini is entering the premium DJ products market full force with the very first Hybrid Turntable.

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