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Gemini CDMP Series Play USB, CD and MP3

Published May 6, 2008

Gemini is proud to introduce its new line of Professional CD/MP3/USB Players. The CDMP Series provides the ultimate affordable and reliable digital connection via built-in USB inputs, giving you the flexibility and convenience of CDs and MP3s!

Ideal for mobile DJ rigs or Club/Bar installations and consisting of three models – the CDMP-1300 (2U Single Player), CDMP-2600 (2U Dual Player), and the flagship CDMP-5000 (Dual CD/MP3/USB Mixing Console) are loaded with cutting-edge features such as BPM read out, Anti-Shock™ using RAM buffer memory, VFD Screen, instant-start and cue with preview and seamless loop with reloop, just to name a few.

Equipped with the ability to play and manipulate songs directly from a USB Key and MP3 player, plus an impressive array of features DJs want and need, these units offer the perfect solution to your CD and MP3 needs!

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