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Gem Sound Ships Upgraded Graphic EQ With Spectrum Analyzer

Published Sep 9, 2004

Based on Gem Sound’s popular GEQ-255 equalizer, the GEQ-256 is a rack-mountable 10 x 10 graphic equalizer and spectrum analyzer with multiple display modes. With its illuminated faders and large display, the GEQ-256 makes it easy to adjust EQ for optimal sound output while it visually livens up any equipment rack.

Gem Sound Ships Upgraded Graphic EQ With Spectrum Analyzer-Spotlight

Offering individual control of left and right stereo channels, the GEQ-256 features two banks of 10 faders each. The faders control frequency bands ranging from 30Hz to 16kHz with up to ±12dB of boost or cut per band. There are two stereo RCA line inputs, a stereo record input, and a mute button. Power can be switched between 110 and 220 volts.

In addition to EQ controls, the GEQ-256 also boasts a vibrant 10-band spectrum analyzer, brought to life by a brilliant blue graphic display. Besides being visually stimulating, the display can provide “ticker tape” readings of input changes, EQ status, peak values, and other information. Seven eye-catching spectrum analyzer display modes include linear, cubic, peak hold, under peak hold, upper spectral, normal, and auto-change.

Gem Sound Vice President George Dertinger commented: “The GEQ-256 makes it easy to dial in great sound for any situation. Its display provides lots of useful information, and looks fantastic, too. Whether using EQ to compensate for room characteristics, speaker placements, or the difference between vinyl and digital recordings, the GEQ-256 is an effective tool for any audio engineer, commercial installation, or DJ rig.”


The Gem Sound GEQ-256 is now shipping with an MSRP of $159.95

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