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Gem Sound Ships Rack-Mountable Preamplifier

Published Sep 9, 2004

Gem Sound is pleased to announce the PRE-2960, a rack-mountable preamplifier with six discreet inputs, a record out section, illuminated controls, and comprehensive EQ. Its ease of use and flexibility make it an attractive solution for any commercial application that uses multiple playback sources.

Gem Sound Ships Rack-Mountable Preamplifier-Spotlight

The PRE-2960 offers one-button selection of input and record sources. The input section includes two phono, two line, and tuner stereo inputs on RCA connectors, plus a 1/4" microphone input. A separate record out section enables the selection of any input as the recording source—independent of the program material being amplified. Even in the dimmest light, source selection is effortless thanks to individually marked buttons with red LEDs that light up when active.

To adjust sound output for different situations, the PRE-2960 includes 3-band master EQ, low and high filter buttons, and a loudness button. There is also a stereo/mono switch and balance control. Dual guard rails protect against accidental pressing of controls. Power can be switched between 110 and 220 volts.

Gem Sound Vice President George Dertinger commented: “The PRE-2960 is a great solution for any permanently installed sound system where you have a lot of different audio sources, but don’t need a sophisticated mixer. The PRE-2960 lets you quickly select program material, fine-tune the sound, and easily make recordings. It tucks away in a rack so you can safely ‘set it and forget it’ and its illuminated controls let you operate it at a glance, even in low-light environments.”

The Gem Sound PRE-2960 is now shipping with an MSRP of $179.95.

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