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Gem Sound Debuts Cdt-525 High-Performance Tabletop Cd Player

Published Feb 11, 2005

Raising the price/performance bar for tabletop CD players, the Gem Sound CD-525 is a high-quality tabletop CD player equipped with professional features and styling.

Built with a metal chassis, the CDT-525 sports a fast slot-load transport. A large jog/shuttle/search wheel is illuminated with a vibrant blue outline, and many of the unit’s large rubber buttons are also illuminated, including Cue, Play, In, Out, Pitch, and Search. Tracks can be selected instantly with the direct access numeric pad. The CDT-525 boasts seamless looping, as well as 40 seconds of anti-shock buffer. Pitch control is ±12% using the fader, or ±16% using the pitch bend buttons. A S/PDIF digital output allows a direct digital connection to recorders, mixers, computers, and other digital gear. Power can be switched between 115 and 230 volts.

Gem Sound Vice President George Dertinger commented: “The CDT-525 provides the most-requested professional features on a tabletop CD player for an excellent value. From its slot-load transport to seamless looping capabilities to illuminated control surface, the CDT-525 delivers exceptional performance. This is a very high quality machine that is a delight to work with.”

The Gem Sound CDT-525 is scheduled to ship in March with an MSRP of $249.95.

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