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EAW’s New Ax Series Creates A New Dimension In Arrayable Loudspeakers

Published Jun 12, 2004

Eastern Acoustic Works, a LOUD Technologies Inc. brand (OTCBB: LTEC) announced today a new series of arrayable loudspeakers that incorporate a revolutionary coaxial MF/HF driver design to provide the most consistent coverage, over the widest possible frequency range, of any speaker in its class.

At the heart of the new EAW AX Series is an innovative coaxial MF/HF driver that combines an 8-inch cone and a 1.4-inch exit compression driver. Both share a neodymium magnet while a sealed aluminum chassis acts as the heat sink for the entire assembly.
To achieve consistent coverage over the widest possible frequency range, the innovative MF/HF driver assembly is coupled to a single horn, which occupies almost the entire front of the AX Series’ enclosure. The EAW engineering team then incorporated their new Concentric Summation Array™ (CSA™) technology, an advanced design based on their patented Radial Phase Plug™, to solve the complex acoustic problems that generally prevent the coupling of a coaxial driver directly to a horn. The net result is an astonishingly smooth frequency response, consistent polar patterns over a wide operating bandwidth and exceptional vocal clarity.

The AX Series speakers are a true tri-axial design. As such, a pair of 12-inch woofers are located on opposite ends of the enclosure, creating an acoustic origin on axis with the coaxial MF/HF driver. The spacing between these woofers provides exceptional pattern control at low frequencies.

To facilitate construction of horizontal and vertical arrays, EAW engineers designed the AX enclosure with trapezoidal angles on all four sides. Furthermore, the MF/HF horn can be rotated, allowing the pattern to remain fixed regardless of cabinet orientation.

Three AX Series models offer dispersion patterns ranging from 45° x 45° to 90° x 60°. 3/8-inch threaded mounting and pullback points facilitate installation. AX Series speakers can be powered in either full-range passive or bi-amp modes.

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