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Denon DN-X1100 Assignable Input Mixer Released

Published Jan 23, 2009
Denon DN-X1100 Assignable Input Mixer

Denon DJ, a leading manufacturer of reliable, premiumgrade DJ equipment, is expanding its renowned lineup of advanced professional mixers for working DJs at NAMM 2009 with the introduction of the new Model DN-X1100 Professional 4-Channel Matrix Mixer, designed to offer users the best possible combination of audio quality and creative features in the analog domain. Notably, thanks to its Matrix Input Assignment capability, the DN-X1100, unlike conventional mixers, no longer requires DJs to be “married “ to any particular channel for a given input. The unit’s eight separate input sources are freely assignable to any channel, or even multiple channels, providing unprecedented flexibility.

Groundbreaking Array of Features and User-Friendly Options
An ideal companion piece to Denon DJ’s new DN-S3700 Digital Media Turntable, the DNX1100 is a professional 12” tabletop rack-mountable analog matrix that provides users with a groundbreaking array of technologies and features. In addition to its eight analog line inputs and three phono switchable capability, the DN-X1100 features a High Performance “Flex fader” (crossfader) with tension adjustment. Four smooth 60 mm VCA channel faders provide level control, and a responsive 45 mm VCA crossfader offers contour adjustment. For added flexibility, the crossfader features A-B Post Channel assignment capability, and the Channel Fader-Start Trigger is compatible with all Denon DJ CD/MP3/Media players. Additionally, thanks to its channel fader contour controls, the DN-X1100 allows DJs to express their craft with the subtlest and most effective touches, permitting them, for instance, to utilize a slower 2 contour for seamlessly smooth traditional style fade-ins, as well as execute crowd-pleasing audio cuts for performance scratching.

The DN-X1100’s independent PFL channel meters help DJs optimize and match levels for each source, ensuring a smooth transition between sources when crossfading. Each channel has a 3-band equalizer with independent EQ kills (high-mid-low). Any channel, including the Master, can be premonitored through the Booth Output in the same manner as with headphones, including volume control. A Master Output Stereo/Mono Switch adds to the unit’s practicality and ease-of-use, and a powerful, clean headphone output provides optimum quality personal audio. Independent 3-band Main and Aux Mic EQ is supplied, as well as independent Cue for all channels. There is also a 3-band EQ for both Mic inputs, which includes a Mic Ducking Function with Sensitivity Adjustment.

Denon DN-X1100 Assignable Input Mixer Back

For total durability and reliability, the DN-X1100 features high-quality Gold Plated Connectors, with outputs including: Master Out, Booth Out, and Record Out. An Effects Send/Return Control is multi-channel assignable, and has a wet/dry control knob for setting the balance between processed and unprocessed signals. Effect On/Off switching is included, as is pre and post Effect Cueing. A removable power cord adds to the unit’s portability and ease-of-use. The Denon DJ DN-X1100 will be available in February with an expected SRP of $799.99.

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