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Denon DN-HC5000 is the world's first professional controller for Serato® ITCH(TM)

Published Mar 1, 2010

Boasting the same form factor as Denon's famous twin CD controllers for mobile DJs, the new Denon DN-HC5000 is the world's first professional controller for Serato® ITCH(TM). The DN-HC5000 provides the same control and performance capabilities as the company's long time market leading twin DJCD systems, with dedicated hardware control of Serato's leading DJ software for digital music files.

Denon DN-HC5000-2

The DN-HC5000 is a turnkey digital DJ system; an integrated hardware / software solution, designed to give mobile DJs ultimate control of MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF digital music libraries. Connection to a PC or Mac® with a single USB cable, provides full control of digital music files from the included Serato ITCH software which is quickly and easily installed.

The control layout of the DN-HC5000S is immediately familiar to anyone who has ever used Denon's twin DJCD controllers. Utilising Serato's HIDI technology for superior speed, accuracy and communication between software and hardware components, the DN-HC5000 acts as a USB 2.0 MIDI controller with 24-bit Internal processing, 24-bit digital analogue conversion on the audio outputs, and USB audio. Integrated 'one to one' hardware-to-software mapping provides instant control and minimum setup time. Analogue audio outputs for each deck enables the DN-HC5000 to connect and configure to any mixer. The unit can also connect to and control Denon's BU4500 Dual CD/MP3 player, additionally providing playback of tracks not yet stored in file libraries.

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