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NAMM 2004 Crown Introduces I-Tech Series Amplifiers

Published Jan 16, 2004
NAMM 2004 Crown Introduces I-Tech Series Amplifiers-Spotlight

Crown International unveiled the all new I-Tech Series at the Winter NAMM trade show in Anaheim. Crown positions I-Tech as their new flagship amplifier series for the touring and corporate PA markets.

I-Tech is truly the world’s most advanced power amplifier...
Stephen Morris, Crown Market Director

“I-Tech is truly the world’s most advanced power amplifier,” said Stephen Morris, Market Director for Touring Sound, Installed Sound and Cinema markets at Crown. “It represents the pinnacle of Crown’s 50 years of leadership, incorporating our latest power supply, output stage and digital technologies. Crown packed more sophisticated features, protection, performance and value into I-Tech than has ever been assembled into one amplifier. With I-Tech, choosing a touring amplifier no longer has to involve making a series of compromises.” I-Tech packs a lot of power into a small, lightweight package, with all models being 2RU and weighing less than 28 lbs. (12.7 kg.). I-Tech is built for the road, with a rugged chassis designed to withstand abuse. I-Tech features Crown’s proven, patented Class-I switching output design to deliver massive amounts of power while generating a fraction of the heat of conventional designs. Crown’s global regulated power supply delivers full power regardless of AC mains voltage: from 120 to 277 volts, and from 50 to 60 Hz. Power Factor Correction (PFC) allows I-Tech to draw current from the mains more efficiently, providing more power from a single 20 amp breaker. The Class-I output and advanced power supply combine to allow I-Tech to provide the highest output voltage available, for a clearly audible difference when driving today’s high-performance loudspeakers.

NAMM 2004 Crown Introduces I-Tech Series Amplifiers-Body

An intuitive front panel work surface with LCD display provides fast and easy menu-based system setup and full amplifier diagnostics. AES/EBU digital audio inputs are standard, along with balanced analog XLR inputs and passive-through outputs. Crown plans to soon announce availability of integrated CobraNet™ digital audio inputs as an option. Integrated studio-grade DSP with 24 bit / 96kHz converters allow custom settings and factory-designed tunings to be easily loaded and recalled via onboard presets.

I-Tech amplifiers connect directly to IQ Networks, providing Crown’s legendary IQ control over industry-standard Ethernet network technology. Using mature, off-the-shelf networking technology, Crown’s TCP/IQ protocol ensures reliable, easy to implement and inexpensive network operation. By connecting I-Tech to an IQ Network and running the free IQwic software application, all amplifier controls can be accessed, and vital amplifier operating parameters monitored, from a remote location. Multiple levels of security are available to prevent unauthorized adjustment of system settings.

Minimum guaranteed power ratings are as follows:
Power per channel with all channels driven:
I-T4000: 1,800W at 2 Ohms; 2,000W at 4 Ohms; 1,250W at 8 Ohms.
I-T6000: 2,500W at 2 Ohms; 3,000W at 4 Ohms; 1,500W at 8 Ohms.
I-T8000: 3,500W at 2 Ohms; 4,000W at 4 Ohms; 2,100W at 8 Ohms.

Like all Crown amplifiers, I-Tech Series products are backed by the manufacturer’s industry-exclusive Three-Year, No-Fault, Fully Transferable Warranty. Crown International, a Harman International company, manufactures amplifiers, microphones, and systems control products for professional audio markets worldwide, with corporate headquarters located in Elkhart, Indiana. For more information, please visit Crown online at www.crownaudio.com.

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